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10 Kitchen design tips to get your kitchen cooking in no time!

  1. Create a streamlined design. A well designed kitchen maximises every available space in your kitchen. It’s filled with clever custom storage and cupboard space. Cabinets should extend to the ceiling and your work surfaces should appear to be seamless with as few joins possible (this is easier to clean and maintain).
  2. Showcase your bench top. Your bench top should be the centrepiece of your kitchen. Choose a bench top that balances practicality with good looks. Granite and marble are timeless additions to any home, however man-made and quartz engineered stone surfaces provide a more cost effective alternative without compromising quality and style. In terms of design, aim for seamless joins and waterfall bench top ends on kitchen islands for a sleek, elegant finish.
  3. Don’t let appliances spoil your overall look. Clean lines and thoughtful design does not need to be compromised by store bought appliances. Discreetly camouflage large appliances like fridges and dishwashers with panels that perfectly complement your cabinetry, lending to a fully integrated, stylish kitchen. Make sure there is enough cupboard space to house your smaller appliances and keep them from cluttering up your bench top.
  4. Inject personality with a splash back. To inject flair and personality, you might like to choose a smart splash back to add pizzazz to your final design. Modern splash backs are available in a wide range of bold colours and intriguing materials.
  5. Islands open up kitchens. If you have the luxury of space in your home, consider designing your kitchen around an island bench top. Islands are more than practical work spaces; they also serve as an entertaining area, breakfast bar or informal dining area. Islands allow you to continue to be the perfect host even while you cook… oh and they offer plenty of storage within!
  6. Choose your colour scheme wisely. What statement do you want your kitchen to make? White, cream and light grey are colour scheme staples and create a sense of calm. While black, navy and dark browns are making a comeback and make quite the statement. Whatever your preference, we can design a kitchen for you that suits your taste and that isn’t just a fad.
  7. Lighting creates mood and character. The right lighting can really bring the kitchen to life. It’s important to make the work area well lit and identify what you would like to highlight. Task lights under overheads can highlight a specific area, but also set the mood with soft lighting. Popular options include LED down lights in the ceiling, LED track lighting under overheads, bench tops or back light feature panels or inside cupboards. Pendent lights can also make a glamorous feature.
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Create varied storage options. You can never have too much storage space in your kitchen. Fill every counter panel with a variety of storage options including deep drawers and cabinets with shelves that can be re-positioned. Remember that you need to design your kitchen so that it will be able to accommodate new appliances, cookware and dinner sets that you may be adding in the future. And if you can, consider a butler’s pantry – always handy for doing away with the mess when an unexpected visitor pops by.

Plan your kitchen for practicality first, design second. It’s easy to be swept up in a creative frenzy when designing your kitchen. Design your kitchen around what we call the ‘golden triangle’. This means that your most important work areas – your fridge, your oven and your sink – should be close together; positioned at the sides of a triangle no more than three meters apart. – Mark McAtamney

Getting a handle on things. Instead of using handles, consider choosing clever push-open cupboards and drawers, or opt for handles with hidden finger recesses to continue your kitchen’s sleek, modern look. With the Hamptons look a hot favourite, select gold or brass knobs or long bars for a timeless and classy look.